Inspired – James Duigan

Detail-View10.jpg“Be kind to yourself”

I recently attended James’ (my health guru) talk at Fare Healthy on the four pillars of health; Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Sleep.

As someone who is in a constant battle between my love of food and my weight management, his talk really spoke to me. He promotes a healthy all rounded lifestyle, not just based on improving your appearance, but your wellbeing too. James’ explained how these four pillars work towards a healthy lifestyle, and symbiotically can only help you feel better.

He discussed how you must get to the bottom of your triggers as to – why you binge? Why you snack? Why you overeat? Most of the time, we know we are doing something bad, but can’t stop ourselves. Getting to the root of the issue can help you attack it best. He also encourages you to eat food in it’s most natural state, meaning minimal processed food. Preaching not to focus on a ‘diet’, but rather a lifestyle. He put it very well – “if it sounds crazy, it usually is”. As I also find crash diet alluring, I’ve been trying to listen to that phrase, not starve myself and stop being so cruel!

It was an incredibly informative talk and I couldn’t have spent my Sunday morning any better.


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