#CovEAT – Ferdi London

This Parisian restaurant has been a hotspot since 2004, attracting #KimYe, Gigi, Kendall and the whole style set. Luckily for us Brits, they have recently opened a London outpost in Shephard Market. I had the lucky fortune to dine there last week, and I must admit it was worth the hype. The intimate and cosy restaurant serves brilliant comfort food and the much acclaimed cheeseburger was an absolute hit on our table! One more thing – you can only book by text!

Where is it: 30 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QN

What did I eat: EVERYTHING – the Charcuterie board, Pine Nut Salad, Mac n Cheese, Fries, Breadcrumbed Jumbo shrimp and the Waffle. BUT, my favourite was easily the Cheeseburger and the Churros]

Would I recommend it: Absolutely, it’s the perfect cheat meal too!

Would I go back: 100% and I can’t wait to!ferdi-1.jpg



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