CovEAT – Amanzi Tea

Amanzi Tea - My favourite tea shop in London! I love this little gem in the heart of Marylebone, serving up a variety of teas, frappes and coffee! Address - 24 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8TU What I have - A Matcha Frappe with unsweeted almond milk! Would I go back - I go … Continue reading CovEAT – Amanzi Tea


It’s #CovEAT – The Ultimate Green Cacao Bowl

The ultimate green cacao bowl! Ladies and Gentlemen this is your one stop 5-a-day! Hope you love this as much as I do! Recipe: (all fruit and veg are #DuchyOrganic) 1 handful of spinach 1 peeled courgette 1/4 of a cauliflower 1/2 of an avocado   1/2 frozen banana  1/4 Cup of Almond milk 1 teaspoon … Continue reading It’s #CovEAT – The Ultimate Green Cacao Bowl